How to put a degree in Word

How to put a degree in Word

Performing printed mathematical work in a software package from Microsoft, you may wonder how to put a degree in Word. In today’s issue we will discuss this topic. In fact, even a novice can do this, so read the article and learn Word. Who often works with a text editor from Microsoft, you can read the previous post on how to emphasise Word.

put a degree in Word

1 way

The most elementary way to put a degree is to look at the top panel of the Microsoft Word menu, go to the “” section and find the x² icon. Select the number you want to raise to the power by holding the left mouse button and click on the “x²” icon. After doing the above steps, the degree will appear in the upper right corner of the number.Here, for example, is what it looks like in a text editor. The screenshot shows that the basic text editor from Windows is used – WordPad. Now we learn, how to make degree symbol is an elementary icon, the tools for which are even in a slightly functional WordPad.

Put a degree in Word

There is another opportunity to put a degrees symbol in Word. You can change the text by making it strikethrough, double strikethrough, interlinear and superscript (i.e. power). To do this, place the mouse cursor on the page and hold down the Ctrl + D keys, or click on the icon for opening the Font dialog box (this button is available in versions of Microsoft Word 2010 and Microsoft Word 2013). The window icon is located in the “” section, in the second toolbar in the lower right corner.

After you click on “Font”, the window itself opens, in which there will be sections such as “Font” and “Advanced”, we do not need a second menu. You are required to lower your gaze a little lower and select “superscript” with a tick. Even lower, an example of how everything looks will be shown. The phrase “+ Body Text” will change according to the selected font. So you can understand what the text that you will write looks like. Visit here for more info


Open the Microsoft Word program;

Create a new document;

Start solving your problem and when you need to register a degree over a number, position the mouse cursor after the number;

Hold the key combination Ctrl Shift +. (You need to simultaneously press the three buttons);

Start entering the degree value.

How to put a degree in LibreOffice Writer

If you are using the Liber Office software package, it will not be difficult to complete a degree. First, I’ll tell you about the wrong approach, and then we will approach the matter more professionally.

You don’t have to do this!

Path: Insert -> Special characters -> click on the degree a small number 2 or 3.

Why not do this? I found that the degree there is not placed in the place of the upper right corner of the number, but simply on the right, in the upper second half of the number.

How to put the degree:

Follow the path: Insert -> Object -> Formula.

An additional panel with mathematical operators opens.

In the drop-down list, select “Formats”. The first element is a degree, see the screenshot below:

After you click on an element, a tool for recording numbers and degrees will appear in a text editor. Click on the selected square and edit the number and degree itself. That’s all!

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