Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2019 New Updates

Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2019 New Updates

The main difference is that you buy a separate Office 365 only once and you can use it as much as you like. And this is the only plus. Now the cons. Firstly, in a separate Office, there are only 4 applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. By the way, the latter is already fully free and comes with Windows or is downloaded to the AppStore for macOS. You do not need Outlook, Publisher or Access. It is especially not clear why Outlook was taken away. If Publisher and Access are not specific programs, then Outlook is a powerful and practical email client. Secondly, Microsoft will hardly support a separate Office. Sometimes security patches will arrive, but no more. No new features. 

Office 365 and Office 2019 New Updates

While on Office 365 almost every month there are some updates, corrections, and chips. For example, in September, Microsoft fixed a problem that I think everyone who works in Excel encountered: “September 5th update: Fixes an issue in Excel where the dashed line marking the range of cells that the user has chosen to copy does not disappear and remain on the clipboard even with subsequent user operations, such as “paste”. But the owner of a separate version of Excel is doomed, as I understand it, to suffer until it changes its office to a subscription. Similarly, he will not receive new charts and other features. It’s clear that business dictates its own rules, but it’s a little disappointing that, having bought a program at the price of an almost 2-year subscription, you practically do not receive technical support.

When to wait for Office 2019

As you can see, the screenshots above were made for Office 2016, because so far the new Office 2019 is only available as part of the Office 365 subscription for corporate users. Everyone else will be able to purchase Office 2019 over the next few weeks (specific time not specified).

What’s New in Office 2019 and Office 365

For those who use Office 365, nothing new, since all the features have long been available. However, let’s still go over the innovations from which the new version has appeared. Microsoft is confident that the future is in computers with touch screens, which is why Office has improved support for working with styluses. For example, if I pick up a stylus right now, then I can immediately start leaving notes. The same thing will happen in Excel, and in PowerPoint, along the way, you can still move objects on the slide. In Word, there was a black color scheme that hardly anyone will need, as a white paper on a black background leads to the fact that the eyes begin to tire quickly.

Other updates: improved text-to-speech feature.

The Excel update more. Added a new type of chart Finnel Chart. And a graph with a geographical map, for example, you can specify cities, countries, and numbers. Excel will bind by itself. And he will take the cards in Bing. Other updates are related to engine hoods – PowerPivot and PowerQuery optimizations. There is also the opportunity to send data from Excel to PowerBI. The amazing thing! For Office 365 users, this feature was available at least 2 years ago, since I remember for sure that I used it at the end of 2016.

All Excel updates from Microsoft:

In PowerPoint the opportunity to insert format icon files, SVG, and 3D models. I don’t know about the models, but SVG files on Office 365 have been exactly like 1.5 years ago.

Other Microsoft PowerPoint updates:

Mention has appeared in Outlook. To do this, use the dog symbol in the text. Also not new, as Office 365 mentions are available even when editing text in Word.

Other Outlook Updates:

I think you, like me, are absolutely delighted with the last separate update of Office 2019 from Microsoft. Such a variety of tasty and healthy functions that your eyes run-up. I believe this update can be seen as a kind of wake for non-subscription editions of the program. In general, there is nothing to be surprised. Every month we pay for the Internet, mobile communications, Apple Music, Netflix or Amediateka, for libraries such as BookMate, and for Microsoft Office, since there are no alternatives for professional work. In my opinion, it wasn’t quite right for Microsoft to roll out such an update and draw attention to it. Or maybe they didn’t want to – they quietly wrote in a windows 11 iso download corporate blog, and the media unexpectedly raised a cloud. In the comments, you can declare your love for Microsoft Office, talk about your favorite Excel formula combinations or about macros that you are proud of, tell us how a well-composed presentation has affected your career, and all that. And most importantly, respond to those who, for personal use in Russia, bought a paid subscription to Office, and did not download the package on the torrent.

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