The Insider’s Guide to Winrars How to work with WinRAR

The Insider’s Guide to Winrars How to work with WinRAR

The program for archiving files and changing their size WinRAR differs among others in that it supports a large number of compression formats and has a convenient interface. Also, among the important functions of the archiver, it is necessary to highlight the ability to protect confidential data with a password and not worry about the “secrecy” of information. Some offers to consider the most common questions about the use of the program that arise for WinRAR users.

Guide to Winrars

How to work with WinRAR archiver

After the program is installed on your PC, you can immediately begin to archive files or extract the documents you need from the received compressed folders. To open the program, you can run it through the explorer and in the window that opens, select the necessary actions, or select the file and select the archiver.

The use of the archiver is justified in many cases when you need to compactly pack information, especially text, for further transfer to removable media or send via the network. Significant compression of documents will save space on your PC and flash drive.

How to create a archive

To add files to the WinRAR archive, you need to open the program, select “Open” in the menu and find the required document through the file manager. Having selected the document, click on the “Add” button on the top panel or, right-clicking on a file, select “Add to Archive”. In the window that appears, click “OK” and the program will create an archive with the extension rar or zip.

Archiving information on a computer helps to quickly organize and speed up your PC. When the archiver is working, clustering is much less likely (loss of disk space), since a cluster will be created in the archive that is single to all files, not just one. The difference in the amount of information is especially felt when compressing documents of small sizes.

How to compress a file through

By running the program, you can compress a file or folder with information to a smaller size, significantly saving space on your hard drive or USB flash drive. It is also convenient to transfer archives over the network, especially if these are large amounts of information. Please note that text documents or programs are most compactly packed. After choosing the name of the future archive after starting WinRAR and adding the file, specify the compression method in the drop-down menu. If the folder size does not matter, you can not compress the file. For standard archiving, specify the usual method.

One of the advantages of creating archives is that it is much easier to store information files with “inconvenient names” in them. So, many operating systems with which servers work, when transferring files over the network, incorrectly perceive the names of documents that contain a space or Cyrillic characters.

How to open archive

Sometimes it is not possible to unpack the entire document from the archive, due to the lack of free space on the PC or you are working from someone else’s computer. However, anyway, there is a need to view the information in the archive for review. Use the following guidelines:

  • Double-click on the file you want to open
  • The same action can be performed while in the archiver window
  • Having selected the document, drag it to the program window or, if it is closed, to its icon
  • Through the command shell of the OS, you can specify the name of the compressed document as a parameter and start the archiver.

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